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What has Marriage Enrichment meant to these couples?

Below are testimonials from couples that have been helped by Florida Better Marriages:

Coming from previous marriages, we became aware of the need for better communication and conflict resolution skills early in our marriage. We participated in our first Better Marriages retreat in 1986 and then stayed a part of that MEG (Marriage Enrichment Group) for approximately five years. Our first leadership training was with Dave and Sarah Catron in April, 1995 and we have led retreats and sessions since then.  We were co-founders of the "Mugs & Hugs Workshop Series", a very successful program for developing and nurturing new MEGs in southeast Florida.  We have served as President Couple of Florida Better Marriages in 2009-2010.  Helping other married couples strengthen their relationship is a passion of ours and Better Marriages has given us the training and skills.
Jena & Richard Congdon

We were supposed to “get married and settle down.”
We got married…..
            but we didn’t settle down.
We discovered delights and joys;
We discovered differences and challenges.

We loved each other
     but did not know how
        to negotiate our differences
           or to meet our challenges.
We loved each other but were getting discouraged.

Another couple invited us to “marriage enrichment.”
We were skeptical and hesitant,
     but also longing and hoping…
        one of us more eager than the other.

Cautious, with eyes wide open,
      searching with guarded hearts,
We spent time with a small group of couples,
      learning how to talk
          how to listen
          how to deal with our differences
          how to grow our marriage.

We spent time with a small group of couples and
   had the privilege of learning from them
       as they shared about their marriages.

No pressure...
            No confrontation…
                        Just encouragement and nurture.

Together we took a step ahead in our marriage…
   and have continued taking steps…
      sometimes on our own
      sometimes with the support of others
          with whom we continue to meet.

The myth of “settling down” has evaporated.
Now we walk in the full sunshine and fresh breezes of
    Growing our marriage across a lifetime –
       Growing toward our marriage potential.

                                         Phyllis & Randy Michael

We attended our first conference 3 weeks before our wedding. We decided marriage enrichment could be something of vital importance to the future of our marriage. After 5 1/2 years, we feel stronger than ever that attending our MEG (Marriage Enrichment Group) on a regular basis has provided a firm foundation and given us tools and resources to deal with the ever-evolving journey of life together.
                                       Patty & Troy Johnson

Participation in a MEG helps to anchor our marriage. It keeps us from drifting into harmful behavioral patterns. It gives us a safe place to work through difficult issues as they arise. It provides us with the opportunity to gain insight and inspiration from other couples who are committed to growth in their marriage.
Ken & Nellie Dean

We have attended all six IMECs, and each one is better than the last.  Priscilla Hunt and the Florida Better Marriages Chapter pulled out all the stops to make this a memory that will last "Happily Ever After."

Our favorite things?  The Saturday night dance, the presence of more African American couples, Camp ACME that enabled young couples to attend, first-time presenters Debby & Jeff McElroy, music by Rob Button and Bob Griffith, and simply being surrounded by such joy and friendship as we gathered for a common mission so dear to our collective hearts. 

    Hugs and Peace, Al & Carole Pugsley, Prairie Village, KS


Jim and I had a great time at IMEC! We only knew one Better Marriages couple before we got there but spoke to many others during the workshops and group meals. The skits and the key note speakers were among our favorites but ALL the activities were so well planned and executed we can't wait to go to another one. We bought a couple books and workbooks and set up a weekly "date night", candle and wine included, to read and go over them together. We also purchased the relationship deck of cards for us and my sister and her hubby as well. They're fun to have around just to spark conversations on topics we might not typically bring up.
                              Cyd & Jim Busko

This was our first IMEC and experience with any marriage conference and we thought it was phenomenal. It was a delight to be around people who viewed marriage in a positive way while still being honest about its imperfections. We are only married 8 years and know we need to make growing our marriage a priority. This experience further emphasized the importance of doing so and set a foundation for us to work hard for us and our young daughters. Thank you.
Lauri and Kelly Naumec

Better Marriages is a testament to the powerfully positive effects of a grassroots organization with a single mission - to strengthen marriage in individual couples and in the community. I am overwhelmingly impressed with the dedication and devotion of the members of Better Marriages; countless marriages have been saved by their inspiring work.
                                     Scott Haltzman, MD,  Author of "The Secrets of Happily Married Men", "The Secrets of Happily Married Women" and "The Secrets of Happy Families".


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