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   Florida Better Marriages is a group of couples who believe in marriage, know that a good marriage takes some work, and that communication with other married couples really helps improve our own relationships. We are affiliated with  Better Marriages  which is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We are not affiliated with any religious denomination.

Who needs Better Marriages?

  • Couples who value their marriage and want their relationship to be strong and enduring.
  • Couples who want to learn skills and have experiences that help them increase their marital intimacy and mutual understanding.
  • Couples committed to the present and future growth of their marriage.
  • Couples interested in promoting healthy marriages in their community
  • Couples interested in mentoring other couples.

Florida Better Marriages sponsor a State Celebration each year where marriage enrichment and mentoring are some of the topics. For more information click here.

Florida Better Marriages seeks to educate couples and build relationships. We promote and provide enrichment opportunities and resources that strengthen couple relationships and enhance personal growth, mutual fulfillment and family wellness. Its programs are educational in nature and are not intended as therapy or counseling.

   Frequently Asked Questions:

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